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Why Working From Home is Better

Working from home is gaining more and more support from almost every part of the world – from Virgin’s founder Richard Branson to top 100 companies offering flexible working environment through working remotely. I have listed a couple of benefits below which some of you will probably agree on why working from home is better.  

The Future of Working Remotely 

Work Remote

Surveys after surveys are being conducted everyday to see how the company would be able to help their employees increase their productivity while at the same time enjoy a work-life balance.

Technological advancement made it easier for companies to offer their employees flexibility to work from the comfort of their homes. With the trends and reception working home based and working remotely is getting, there is no doubt that the future will be more about working in a way that has never been imagined in the last couple of decades.


Benefits of Working From Home 

  • Eliminate the stress from driving or commuting to and from the office. 

traffic jam

Just the thought of watching a 4 to 8 lane highways-turned-into-a-parking already makes someone want to just stay in bed and watch TV. It definitely adds to the daily stress you have to suffer everyday.


  •  You don’t have to iron your clothes! 


The wasted time you have to spend in ironing your office clothes is finally over. 


  •  You save time in fixing your hair and make up

Ladies can leave their homes without their purse but they can’t leave them without looking at the mirror. Yeah, fixing hair and make up is something inherent to ladies and some men of course.


  • You save money on buying office clothes  

The money you set aside to buy office clothes can be used to buy other important things. I guess, you’ll feel better if you put the money into good use like buying vitamins or food supplement. You can even put the money in the stock market and earn more money!


  • You save money on spending expensive lunch and snacks

Expensive Lunch

Unless your company provides daily free meals to the employees, you’ll end up spending way above the reasonable price of lunches and snacks in your office area – the cafeterias and restaurants have to pay for their rents too!


  •  Increase Productivity

You can focus on your work without having to deal with the unnecessary interruptions from your co-workers.

There is also a product called Basecamp where companies can track what their employees are doing.


  • Healthier lifestyle

You can use the time you save to drive or commute to and from the office to have a brisk walk outside, swim in the pool or go to the nearest gym.

You can also cook and eat healthier lunch or snacks instead of buying fast foods.


  • Reduced unnecessary meetings

 Useless Meetings

Some people just love to schedule a meeting so everyone can think they are busy, they are important whatsoever. I sometimes think some people are just after the free snacks during the meeting.


  •  Cut down on sick leaves

A lot of factors can lead to employees taking sick leaves. There’s the ‘planned call in sick’ to take a break from the stressful commute to the office. There is the domino effect of getting just one colleague to catch a cold and everyone follows.


  • The company saves a lot of money from rents, office furniture and equipment, office supplies etc.

Both parties save money by choosing this working set up. However, the company is the one who saves more by reducing if not eliminating office rents and office accessories.

 Saving Money


  •  Less headaches

The moment you signed a contract with a company, you also agree that headaches are part of the job! These headaches can at least be reduced with no more commute to the office, no more window shopping, you don’t have to bear annoying colleagues and you don’t have to see your boss everyday.


Downside Of Working From Home

It would be unfair to just state the benefits of working from home and not discuss its disadvantages. As it also

  •  Limits the opportunity to brainstorm  Brainstorming

The famous CEO of yahoo, Marissa Mayer, opposed the idea of working remotely for this very reason. Although I disagree and therefore support those who heavily criticized her since the innovations we have now can compensate for this. An example would be to create a group chat or schedule a videoconferencing.


  •  Employee sometimes feels alone 


Since we get used to working with colleagues, sometimes you feel this.


  • Distraction from kids and family members


  • Difficulty in separating office time with family time



3 Tips To Consider When Working From Home

Well, some may picture out working remotely like working straight from the bed! Ideally, you would want to separate your home work to your office work. So, one of the biggest tips would be to

  •  Find a quiet place where you can think clearly and avoid distractions

Working From Home

It could be anywhere from the garden, living room, or you can create a mini office in your home.


  • Follow a routine


  • Take a break

 Take A Break

Don’t abuse yourself! Get up, move and take some rest.



Working from the comfort of your own sofa was some absurd idea in the 19th century. It dramatically changed recently due to the technology and innovations. More and more companies are now adapting the concept of working remotely. The benefits both from the employer and employee’s side make more sense than a traditional office set up.

Although there are some disadvantages in doing the work from home, the benefits outweigh the downsides and adjustments can be done.

Is there any other benefits or downsides I have overlooked that you want to share with us? Please leave them below and if ever you have any more questions, I would be more than happy to help you out.





12 thoughts on “Why Working From Home is Better”

  1. Hi Marissa, I quite agree with you that most companies are now engaging in online work and their workers working remotely from home. There are so many benefits of working from home especially mothers with young children. It affords her the opportunity to look after the kids and family and at the same time earn something at the end of the month. The benefits of working at home you listed are so true, I mean you don’t have to waste money on transport or beat the traffic or iron clothes or even buy office clothes. Thanks for your article on why working from home is better.

    • Hi Gracen,

      Thank you for reading. Yes, moms can benefit the most from working remotely particularly if you have young children. The big challenge though is balancing your time between work and family.



  2. Working from home certainly has its benefits, I was just never fully aware of how many there actually are.

    Not having to contend with the traffic is a major one for me. The next most important would be that you save on office wear, and you can live in casual wear, which is my favourite form of clothing.

    I think that working from home is going to become more and more popular as not only are offices saving rental space, the internet can keep everyone connected and it just makes more sense.

    • Thank you for stopping by Michel.

      Not having to deal with the chaotic scene on the road everyday is also the biggest thing for me.

      I also agree on your clothing preference while working. I think we can all work and think better if we are wearing comfortable clothing.



  3. Hey there. Very interesting article. I quite enjoyed reading it. I am blessed to work from home and I can recommend it to anyone. I know it has its downsides but if you are concentrated and you do not get distracted easily – this is definitely something anyone should go for.

    I agree that you have to have some sort of routine, because this helps keeping you in the working mood. 

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    • Thank you for reading Strahinja. Its nice to hear from someone who enjoys working from home!

      Yes, I believe its downsides can be easily offset by following a certain routine. It’s like a button and once activated, it will put your mind in a working mood.



  4. Working from home is the best kinda work ever. There is joy in saving yourself the stress of going to office or driving everyday simply to get at work place. Secondly  there is freedom in working from home when you must have sacked your boss and run your schedules at your own convenience. 

    • Hi Kenechi,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. So true, you haven’t even reached your office and you are so stressed already? I think it’s just not the best way to start your day.



  5. Thanks Marissa for putting up this great piece, quite informative. Working from home undoubtedly has a lot of benefits which you have done justice too. As a freelancer, for more than 2 years now, I have been working from home. It saves me a lot of cost, and as you rightly said, I dont need to iron my cloth, fix my hair or even think of buying expensive suit to wear to the office. However, in my own case, I do have some distraction especially when it comes to watching favorite program on TV. That is the only challenge in my own case. Great piece

    • Hi Tolu,

      Thank you for reading and taking your time to comment.

      I understand that getting distracted is the biggest challenge when you start working from home. Your favorite TV program could be the biggest distraction for you, for some it’s their kids, friends coming over etc.

      The best way to deal with the distraction in your case is to follow a certain routine to kinda put your mind in a working mood. You can watch your favorite TV program and adjust your working time but just don’t abuse it. I guess your fav TV program won’t probably last for 3 to 4 hrs anyway.



  6. Hello Marissa,

    I liked your post very much. I really believe that working from home is the best choice. It reduces many mental and physical pain like doing the journey and sometimes being reprimanded of tardiness. I am very eager to work from home. Is there any best platform that you suggest where I can work from home?

    Thanks in advance. Also, Thanks for the valuable post. 🙂


    • Hi Radeet,

      Thank you, I am glad you like my post. I can give you a list of platforms where you can start working from home immediately. Just a quick question, do you plan on working from home full time or just part time? Please let me know.




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